8 Common Mistakes Smoothie Makers Make

  1. Under Blending
    • Yes, Smoothies are quick for being on the go but make sure to blend your smoothie lump-free.
  2. Not Thick Enough
    • Smoothies are meant to have a thickness to it. One way to add that to your smoothies is by adding fruits that are thick in flesh. Such as bananas and mangos. Or you can add seeds to the smoothie as well such as flax seed.
  3. Wrong Protein Powder
    • Make sure you are using a high quality protein powder. And make sure it's a vanilla flavor. The vanilla flavor won't over power the taste of the smoothies. AdvoCare Muscle Gain is a great product, high in quality and 24g per serving!
  4. Too Sweet
    • Most people tend to make their smoothies too sweet or high in calories. No need to add in any extra sugar since you are already getting the natural sugar from fruits. This will also keep the calories low.
  5. Not Keeping It Simple
    • Keep the smoothie simple silly! No need to make it a high calorie smoothie. No need to add peanut butter 🤮. (Unless you like that) But just remember the more you add into the smoothie the higher the calories will be and the more complicated you are making it.
  6. Using Too Much Ice
    • I personally don't use ice. But if you do that is alright. Just keep it to a minimum.
  7. Not Using Ripe Fruit
    • I think this is a important key factor to keep in mind. Most people don't consider checking their fruit when making smoothies. The more fresh the fruit is the better the taste will be. I believe that eating healthy should taste good as well. So, make sure the fruit is fresh as possible.
  8. Sticking to A Recipe
    • There is nothing wrong with sticking to a recipe especially if you don't know where to begin. But keep it fun and try some new fruits and berries that you have never tried before. You never know, you might make something great!
Teodoro Arellano III